What’s the Big Deal

Growing up most of the people I knew either had braces, or knew someone that had braces. It was just one of those things that I thought wasn’t a big deal until it was my turn. I remember my mom taking me to the orthodontist to see if I would in fact need braces. Up until that point, it didn’t bother me. I thought they looked pretty and worked for the other girls, but I was still nervous. One thing that weighed heavy on my mind was if it would be trendy, or a fashion faux pas. That being said, I believe that many women have the same feelings as I did. Not only do we have to take in consideration what we think about ourselves and our teeth, but we as women put a lot of stalk as to what others around us think. That is what makes the decision of braces a tough, but sometimes necessary choice.

When Metal Meets Girl

When I first got my braces put on I remember thinking that I looked pretty. This is important not because it was true, but because sometimes a little vanity can go a long way in helping with medical decision. I remember feeling empowered by knowing that when the braces did eventually come off, I would have straight teeth and a smile that I could be proud of. I love smiling, I loved smiling even more so when I had braces on. Knowing what was going to come from having these medical marvels in mouth made me more confident that I had ever been. Women should not be shy to wear braces, in fact, women should be confident in them.

While braces did give me a new found confidence, they didn’t come without their pains. A minor drawback I had was with the wires. While my doctor did his best to cut the wire as much as possible so it didn’t scrape the inside of my cheek, sometimes he was not able to get it as far down as I would like. I know, it sounds painful, but don’t freak out. They do give you wax packs that allow you to cushion the area and keep it from scraping you. I can not tell you how much those wax packs saved me, they really are something that you need to keep on you at all times while you have braces. Truly, the scraping issue was the only con to braces that I encountered.

Embrace the Braces

Braces are an essential accessory for women. Not only will braces help find a new confidence, they will also give the smile every woman wants. While there are some draw backs, they do not account for as many positives there are to getting braces. Women can make any fashion statement a beautiful masterpiece, and braces just broaden the scope of their canvas. Never be shy when it comes to you, your health and your happiness. Braces don’t make you who you are, they enhance the you that you want to be as a woman.