Bad teeth are an issue many people struggle with, especially those who weren’t lucky enough to have braces during their teenage years. As a woman this can lead to some awkward selfie poses just to hide your smile! Crooked front teeth or misaligned molars can be an annoyance for years on end so why not take that first step towards a happier future by getting braces. The best thing about being an adult is the ability and the means to fix the things in life that have caused you stress and so nowadays, it is more and more common for women to have braces in their twenties and thirties, or even beyond that!

The Pitfalls of Getting Braces 

Having braces comes with some obvious downsides. They do hurt a little bit upon first getting them, and subsequent tightening sessions can leave you mildly uncomfortable for a day or two afterwards. This is easily managed however, by taking it easy with some light pain medication and soft foods. Remember to talk to your orthodontist if you have any more serious concerns.

Many people think of braces as being cumbersome and attention-grabbing. If you’re considering having braces as an adult, this can be a little off-putting. On a practical level, it is possible these days to have fairly discreet braces. Gone are the neon pink rubber bands of adolescence, at the very least you can have clear bands that won’t be immediately obvious and there are even some types of braces that are basically invisible.

It’s worth remembering there are certain types of foods that must be avoided while wearing braces, particularly things that might get caught up in your teeth. This means no chewing gum, chewy candies or popcorn, for instance. Many orthodontists also recommend staying away from strongly colored foods, in order to prevent staining. This is just a minor inconvenience though and you can soon be reunited with your favorite toffees.

Smile, It’s All Worth It!¬†

Of course, many people avoid getting braces because they worry about how they will look. Wearing braces as a woman might seem like it should be embarrassing, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Having braces is a sign that you have taken an important step towards improving your appearance, which in turn will help you to have better confidence for the rest of your life. Many people struggle with dental issues and do nothing about, so it’s important to feel proud of yourself for being pro-active and taking care of dental and emotional well-being. In certain cases, fixing the alignment of your teeth can also help to rectify issues with jaw structure or how your mouth looks, so don’t be surprised if braces can change your face for the better.

The most rewarding part of the whole experience will be on the day you have your braces removed. Trust me – you simply won’t be able to stop smiling for even a minute. Whether you wind up needing your braces for just a few months or a year or so, once the whole process is over you won’t be able to believe the results you see in the mirror.