What is brace wearing?

Teeth which are even, and white are considered to be healthy and beautiful. Brace wearing is basically an orthodontic treatment given to those who have teeth issues. Its function is to enable one to have a confident smile when among people, eat comfortably, and provide good care of the gums.

When do you need brace treatment?

  • When you have crooked or crowded teeth
  • If your teeth are too far apart
  • When biting down, then the lower front teeth do not get aligned with the upper front teeth, creating a sagittal space.
  • When there is a constant sticking of food between the teeth after eating
  • Misaligned jaws which pain frequently.

Actually, there is no age limit needed for one to have braces. In the market, there exists various types of braces starting from those ones which are plastic and removable to those ones which are made of brackets and fixed onto each tooth through a glue and linked together using wires. Another type is the headgear, which is only used when one is sleeping, while the other one is the functional, which is removable but is meant to fit on both upper and lower teeth

Advantages of brace treatment.

The utmost benefit is to straighten the teeth. Actually, having crooked teeth will lead to a lower self-esteem more so when it comes to smiling in front of people. There are a number of ways in which braces help in straightening of the teeth, which are closing gaps found in between the teeth, align crooked teeth, and space teeth which are crowded together.

Braces account positively for a good dental health in the future. For instance, having an uneven bite can lead to teeth wearing out easily. To cure and prevent it from worsening, one needs some aligning braces for some time.

Gum disease is another problem braces can cure. Actually, gum disease is triggered because of having crooked teeth. By using braces, the teeth will be spaced evenly hence flossing of teeth. Also the braces will prevent jaws from becoming weak and having muscle pains.

Braces help you gain that confidence of smiling among people and even increase your physical appearance and health.

Disadvantages of using braces

Though brace treatment is aimed at aligning and improving the bite, some restrictions between those in need of them and the orthodontist are uncontrollable. For instance, the jaw development is out of control of the patient and the orthodontist. Also the pain felt by the patient will affect his level of cooperation and the overall outcome.

The majority of complete orthodontic treatment procedures have a span of about 2 years because of the different pace at which the teeth will be healing. This duration is considered to be long.

When removing braces, a relapse can occur whereby some teeth will shift. This means that to prevent this, the patients need to have retainers fitted to their teeth. Cause of the relapse can be due to the growth of teeth or jaws as years pass by.

When braces are put, root resorption happens whereby the roots are shortened. This resorption can cause a long term issues on the teeth health.


As a patient, having brace treatment is not only a procedure of teeth healing but it will boost your self-esteem when you are in a group of people. With braces, one can easily smile confidently. Though it is a process of healing some of the dental issues, keenness should be the key to a successful treatment. Good news is that no age group is limited to wearing braces.